Radical Honesty: Weekend Workshop in Frankfurt (28-30 June, 2019)

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Radical Honesty: Weekend Workshop in Frankfurt (28-30 June, 2019)

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The workshop language is english!

Write an email to hallo@jakobeichhorn.de if you want to know
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The workshop is non-residential and will take place in central Frankfurt, close to Metro station "Bornheim Mitte".

The workshop will take place:

Friday 28 June 18:30 – 21:00
Saturday 29 June 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday 30 June 09:00 – 17:00


The Early Bird price is €310 until May 15th 2019, thereafter €350. A limited number of spots in the workshop are available for low income earners / students to participate at a reduced price.

Transform your life
by telling the truth!

Radical Honesty is a direct way to communicate and live that leads to more freedom, connection and aliveness.

You express what is happening in you and try a little less hard to manipulate other people. You take full resposibility for your experience, your actions and what you feel. This creates a faster way out of conflict, frustration, disappointment, drama and blaming.

Your life will become simultaneously more relaxed and more exciting. You recognize the stories in your mind as mere interpretations of reality and regain trust in your senses – the closest thing to experiencing reality that you have. By losing trust in your mind you have more energy to be actually present in the moment. This leads to more creativity, freedom and clarity in your life.

Radical Honesty means living in the here and now. Moment by moment you share what is happening in you and allow your experience to change. You might even grow a little in the process.

In this workshop you will learn simple and effective tools for your everyday life. These tools will help you to create deeper connection and welcome intimacy and closeness.

Radical Honesty is the art of distinguishing between thought-based and sense-based reality. Life intensifies when we surrender to whatever is happening in the moment instead of making meaning out of everything around us.

This workshop is for you, if:

  • you are longing for more aliveness and freedom in your life

  • you want to attract more love, intimacy and connection in your life

  • you want to deepen your relationships

  • you want to learn a creative and transformative way to deal with anger and conflict

  • you want to let go of guilt and shame

  • you want to experience less stress, performance pressure and worry

  • you want to learn how to recognize what you want and ask for it directly

Radical Honesty is a loud "Yes!" to all facettes of life. You welcome all your feelings and bodily sensations to fully experience them and eventually let them go to create the possiblity of something new arising.

In this workshop we will do paired and group exercises. Sharing and reflection in the circle and in pairs. Alongside theoretical input, movement, body awareness practices, meditation, hot seat work and individual process work there will also be time to give space to whatever is arising in the group.

The intention of our program is to get you out of your mind and into your senses. We want you to use your mind and not be used by it. The first big step is to get out of your mind's obsessive thinking and meaning-making and to start noticing what is actually there in the moment. Feeling your butt on the chair and feet on the ground is a great way to arrive in the present.

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You are warmly welcome to join us!

Jakob and Begoña

Jakob is a bit embarrassed to wear pink in this photo.

Jakob is a bit embarrassed to wear pink in this photo.


Mehr Informationen zu Radical Honesty findest du hier:



About the trainers:


"I am a certified Radical Honesty Trainer living in Ulm, southern Germany. I lead ongoing groups and weekend workshops in German and sometimes in English, too. In addition to that I offer coaching and faciliated conversations with the intent to support you in owning your shit and clearing it to create deeper connection and freedom in your life.

I first experienced this work in August 2016 and have been a dedicated practitioner ever since. In early 2017, I began assisting Tuulia Syvänen with facilitating at workshops and have completed two RH Trainer’s Trainings led by Brad Blanton and Taber Shadburne. In June of 2018 I was certified.

My passion for this work is fueled by knowing what it feels like to constantly withhold true feelings while trying to please others. I wasted a lot of energy trying to be the nicest guy in the world. I’ve transformed my old self-image of being introverted, shy and sensitive. While those traits are still present in me, now I’m also comfortable expressing other parts of myself, like being loud, outgoing, cheerful and joyous."


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"My name is Begoña Gilabert. I am a Radical Honesty Trainer-in-Training based in Amsterdam. I started practicing Radical Honesty in 2015 when I hosted the first ever RH workshop in Amsterdam at my home (led by Taber Shadburne and Tuulia Syvänen). Since then I have gone through important completion talks with my siblings, parents, ex-husband, most significant ex-partners and best friends. My relationship with most of them has evolved into a deeper connection and that feels really good to me!

In this process I am learning a lot about myself. Accepting me as who I am is so liberating! Applying Radical Honesty at my workplace has improved my wellbeing a lot. I have attended different coaching programs to further develop my facilitation skills. In 2018 I started providing one-on-one coaching sessions to apply what I learned. I am currently running regular meetup groups in Amsterdam where I introduce Radical Honesty to newcomers and returning participants."

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